Are you struggling to do your job?


Are you a long term employee?

Being a long term employee means you're well trained and valued by your employer.  Being on the same job for long periods of time can cause long term cumulative trauma that makes doing the job you love tough.  Human Hoist can make your job easier, and allow you to keep doing what you do.

Are you performing strenuous work?

Bending, stooping, and crawling on the floor takes its toll.  You're tired and dirty at the end of the day, and by the weekend all you want to do is rest.  The Human Hoist power shop chair allows you to position yourself to the work so you can do your job and go home at the end of the day with some energy to spare.

Are you injured?

Long term cumulative trauma can be an unfortunate side-effect of hard work.  Human Hoist can take the load off those sore joints and prevent further injury.  If you need surgery, Human Hoist can keep you at work until you are ready for surgery, and you can come back without worrying about re-injuring yourself.

Are you nearing the point of disability?

If you are injured or disabled and need a Human Hoist to stay at work, click the link below to find the Vocational Rehabilitation office in your state