Personal Financing

Financing Human Hoist for Personal Use

 Human Hoist does not provide financing but offers these suggestions to finance your Human Hoist: 

Banks and Credit Unions

 Contact your local bank or credit union about a personal loan.

Your Employer

 If you're using your Human Hoist at work, your employer may have a way to help you finance your purchase.  

401k or other investment loan

 Many 401k or other investment vehicles offer loan programs.

Online Loans

While we don't endorse any online loan services, you can do a search for "personal online loans" and find many companies that will provide loans online.  Be sure to pick a reputable company - if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. 

Vocational Rehabilitation

Are you still in the work force?  Are you working in pain or with a disability?  Do you need to work a few more years?  There is help for you if you need a Human Hoist to remain on your job.