I am a supervisor


Do you have a task that you hate assigning?

It seems like every department has that one job that nobody wants.  It usually involves crawling down under something or shimmying around on the ground.  It's cold, dirty, and nobody likes it.  And sometimes you need your best person on it.  Implement Human Hoist to make it the best job in the building.

Do you have an employee who is struggling?

Long careers or previous injuries can make it hard to put the best person for the job, on the job.  

Human Hoist can eliminate both acute strains and sprains, prevent long term cumulative trauma, and keep that valued employee on the job. 

Are you writing injury reports for the same job or task?

Some jobs are just tougher than others, and really take a toll on your recordable/reportable injury rates. If you don't have health and safety or ergonomists at your disposal, you're the person who needs to make the call - use Human Hoist to reduce employee injury, and relieve some of that writer's cramp.

Do you want to improve productivity and quality?

It's no secret that being well positioned and comfortable can lead to better work and quicker cycle times.  If you have employees reaching to complete a task or unable to see what they're doing, Human Hoist might be for you.