I am a Health and Safety Rep


Reduce injury

It's why your job exists. You have the ability to save the company huge amounts of money, and make a lot of friends in the process.  You're the Safety Rep.

Reduce sprains and strains

A stretch here, a long reach there, all of a sudden you are writing an accident report.  Proper positioning of employees can prevent a myriad of maladies and keep everything moving. Safely.

Reduce long term cumulatve trauma

Some activities that seem innocuous can cause big problems over periods of time.  These are a little tougher to diagnose, but watch for people stretching or reaching but not far enough to hurt themselves... this time.

Prevent musculoskeletal disorders

Musculoskeltal Disorders (MSDs) are the single largest category of workplace injuries and are responsible for almost 30% of all worker’s compensation costs. (source: BLS)

U.S. companies spent 50 billion dollars on direct costs of MSDs in 2011. (source: CDC)

Indirect costs can be up to five times the direct costs of MSDs. (source: OSHA)

The average MSD comes with a direct cost of almost $15,000. (source: BLS)

'Nuff said.