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How Human Hoist Was Born



Eric & Kevin First Functional Prototype

 Human Hoist was invented by cousins Eric Brittingham and Kevin Ferguson. Human Hoist has been a "work in progress" since the early 1990's when then 18 year-old Kevin and Eric spent a day tearing apart Kevin's Cutlass.  Even in the best physical condition of their lives, they still thought there had to be a better way than climbing up and down to get under the car...


Human Hoist was born


 Various iterations of early Human Hoist were created but life happened, and little development took place for over 20 years...


 In 2011, driven by friends and co-workers who were having back problems requiring hips and knees replaced, Eric & Kevin decided Human Hoist had to happen now... or never.

A functional prototype was built, and in 2012, was featured on the History Channel's "Invention USA" program!  Later that year, Kevin met with eventual and current partner Steve Charette, at his shop in Mayville Michigan. In 2013/2014, Eric and Kevin submitted multiple patents and began CAD development and testing of the new generation of Human Hoist.  On January 7th, 2015, Kevin and Eric returned to Mayville and a plan was conceived to build Human Hoist. Following months and years of development, on August 14, 2015, the first production prototype of Human Hoist operated under it's own power.  On Father's Day 2016, the first production unit was delivered to Eric's Father Carl, as a gift from Eric's family.